Please check the condition for each piece of clothing before sending it to us:

  • We check every item that is sent to us to see whether it matches our conditions
  • If an item doesn’t match our conditions, we won’t be able to buy it
  • In that case, please decide whether you want us to return the item (delivery cost: 60NOK) or to recycle it (no cost involved)

Our rejection criteria:

  • Stains
  • Pilling
  • Holes
  • Lack of labels or doubt about the authenticity
  • Faded colors
  • Wrong labels
  • Open seams 
  • Missing or faulty pieces
  • Dust
  • Personalized clothing
  • Wrong category
  • Smell

What is Saleabl?

Do you want to sell children`s clothing? Are you tired of long negotiations on Finn or Tise? Then you got to the right spot. 

Saleabl is the answer to all of us wondering whether we can sell children´s clothing easy, fast and hassle-free. You just select the right brand and category of the item you would like to sell and we will suggest a fixed, guaranteed price at which we are buying it. Send it in with our pre-paid shipping label and we will transfer the money within a few days.

Make a sale on – Instantly at a fixed price. is a part of Trusted Brands AS.

Your advantages:

  1. Transparent: You will know right away which price we will pay. No negotiation, no waiting time, no hassle.
  2. Fair: We will suggest a fair price which is based on current re-sale value.
  3. Easy: Just put all your items into one package and send them to us. No need to meet up anywhere, no need to sell items separately.
  4. Hassle-free: Accept our price suggestion, send them off to us, receive your payment. It won´t get any easier.
  5. Quick: As soon as your package arrives, we will check it and pay you right away afterwards.
  6. Safe: You don`t have to deal with multiple buyers so your success chances are higher.
  7. For free: You don´t pay anything for the service. If you send your package from Norway, we will cover all shipping costs.
  8. Sustainable: Every piece of clothing which is re-used makes an important contribution to a more sustainable world.